Keep Our Seniors Safe At Home

Keep Our Seniors Safe At Home
By Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

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The Silver Generation Office (SGO) has over 16 satellite offices (SOs) across Singapore.

1. Please register your interest by sharing your postal code with us.

2. Based on the given postal code, you will be allocated to the SO nearest to you. 

3. Upon successful registration, our SGO staff will contact you on your volunteering schedule.


Important Notice:

1. This opportunity is open up to public officers only.

2. As individuals who are of older age or have underlying conditions (e.g. heart disease, diabetes) have a higher risk of severe COVID-19 infection, the Silver Generation Office discourages public officers with underlying conditions from signing up.


  • Age Range: 17 to 59 years old




Date Time Location Registration open on Registration close on Available Slots Registration Status
27/04/2020- 01/10/2020 09:00 AM– 08:00 AM 16 Satellite Offices across Singapore with HQ at Singapore 069110 13/04/2020 12:00 AM 31/12/2020 12:00 AM 358