Webinar: Covid-19 x Overseas Volunteering

Webinar: Covid-19 x Overseas Volunteering
By Youth Corps Singapore

  • Theme: Covid-19 - Will the Pandemic Break or Make Overseas Volunteering

    COVID-19 has radically transformed the world – from the way we go about our daily lives, to the way we work and travel. Prior to the pandemic, overseas volunteering was on the rise but it came to a halt when countries closed their borders and international travel was ceased. Looking at how long it might take for non-essential travel to resume, the pandemic pushes us to think about the future of overseas volunteering. Would this mark the end of overseas volunteering, or can we re-invent this idea of volunteering entirely?


    Lily Salim, Country Director

    Hope Worldwide Indonesia


    Dr Isaya Sinpongsporn, Associate Dean

    Bangkok University


    Pham Van Anh Harry, Founder

    ECO Vietnam Group


    Nadia Ongkowidjaja, Senior Content Strategist



    Joyce Yu, Manager (International Programmes)

    YMCA Singapore

    Join us for our first Youth Corps webinar session, as we hear from our community partners in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore.

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