Phasing It 3.0: Mental Health in the Age of Social Media

Phasing It 3.0: Mental Health in the Age of Social Media
By Youth Corps Singapore

  • Phasing It is back for its third edition!

    Have you ever thought twice about posting something on Instagram? The motion of our fingers tends to determine the direction of our day. Some of us may seek approval from the likes that we receive while others receive temporary self-assurance from their posts. Sometimes, we might even feel compelled to measure ourselves against the people we see online, which may either generate feelings or envy or can be used positively to rev up the motivation to improve your own life.

    So how can we make social media work best for us?Join us for an introspective exploration as we explore some ways to reshape our social media experience for the better and improve our own mental well-being as a result.


    This is an event opportunity that aims to raise social awareness for your learning and development. No community service is involved; hence service hours will not be awarded.

    About Phasing It

    Phasing It is a conversation series that was first established in 2019 as an avenue to hear the voices of youth. These conversation sessions were specially created for youth to come together to share their views and tap on one another's wisdom to come up with ways where we can tide through challenges together.

    This year, Phasing It is coming back for its third edition, focusing on exploring how social media can act as a double edged sword in affecting our mental well-being.

    The previous instalments of Phasing It were organised in collaboration with Community Health Assessment Team (CHAT).

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As participants, we encourage you all to be present, active and curious during this event!

Please note that this is an interactive session which will require you to be open to sharing and discussion which will constitute a significant part of the session!


  • Age Range: 16 to 35 years old
  • Singapore Citizen , Singapore PR only




Date Time Location Registration open on Registration close on Available Slots Registration Status
31/07/2021 02:00 PM– 04:30 PM 0 Somerset Road Virtual Red Box Singapore 238165, (Virtual) 29/06/2021 12:00 AM 31/07/2021 08:00 AM 18