Ask Youth Corps [Online]

Ask Youth Corps [Online]
By Youth Corps Singapore

    • Always wanted to start your own Community Service project? Have an idea but do not know how to go about it?

      Join us at Ask Youth Corps [Online], project consultation service!

      For individuals or youth groups that have started or are looking at starting your own Ground Up Initiatives, get one-on-one project consultation with experienced volunteers, Youth Corps staff and social service sector experts.

      Step 1: Sign up on with a brief description of your project ideas and enquiries.

      Step 2: You will receive a follow-up email to schedule a consultation session

      Step 3: Meet the consultants and discuss about your project idea!


      If you have a general enquiry, similar to any below, please email instead.
      - Enquiry on Youth Corps Leaders Programme (including recruitment concerns)
      - School Projects Collaboration
      - Sponsorship Request
      - VIA Hour verification
      - All others

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Be prepared with your project ideas & questions! Be curious and get advice from our consultants to help you get started with your project! 

Please ignore the date of the shift during the registration, we will schedule the session with you individually. 

Some guidelines on how you can prepare for the consultation:

1) Identify the objectives of your project.
What purpose does it serve? What issues is it trying to solve?

2) Identify and understand the community you intend to engage.
Who is the community? What are the demographics of the community? What are the needs of the community? What are the strengths of the community?

3) What can you do to meet the objectives of the project?
What is your brief concept? How would the project look like? Are there similar projects out there?


  • Age Range: 15 to 35 years old


Event Management


Date Time Location Registration open on Registration close on Available Slots Registration Status
30/09/2021- 31/12/2021 09:30 PM– 10:00 PM 01 113 Somerset Road #01-01 Red Box Singapore Singapore 238165 20/04/2021 09:00 AM 31/12/2021 09:30 AM 35