Beyond the Screen: You(th) Perspectives [Y-Y]

Beyond the Screen: You(th) Perspectives [Y-Y]
By Youth Corps Singapore

  • Keeping a positive mental state is important in allowing one to be in control of their thoughts, emotions and behaviour. It’s easy to pretend to be okay on social media but nobody truly knows what goes on behind the screen. These walls may not only cause stress within ourselves, but also on our relationships with others.

    Talking about one’s mental health struggles with family members can be awkward, especially for youths. It’s not easy to have such conversations, but it’s important because we need their support. Every generation faced different challenges growing up, resulting in having different perspectives on these issues. How can we bridge the generational divide in having mental health conversation and other societal issues?

    Join in the conversation organised by the Youth Corps Singapore Mental Health Cluster, as part of Beyond The Label Fest 2021 and share your views, as well as learn strategies such as wellness planning and how it can be adapted to self-care in daily life.

    This is an event opportunity that aims to raise social awareness for your learning and development. No community service is involved; hence service hours will not be awarded.

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Screen time seems to be more prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic. How has this impacted the relationships we have with those around us? How can we better manage these relationships to upkeep our mental well-being?
Hear from invited speakers on their lived experiences and their advice on wellness strategies to cope with the challenges we face. Join us for a conversation to share your experiences and thoughts!


  • Age Range: 15 to 35 years old




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